Catering Appliances

Catering appliances are one of the most crucial elements of any catering business whether that’s a busy school canteen, small guest house, high-end restaurant or a local pub. We understand that catering appliances need to withstand everything that gets thrown at them. With high temperatures, bangs, bumps and substantial use, here at CATERDEAL we only offer products we know can stand the heat of the kitchen. Our quality manufactures include Lincat, MastercoldBuffalo, Waring, Samsung, KitchenAid, Zoin, Dynamic and Thor.

Discover our selection of smaller catering appliances including commercial blenders, mixers, and toasters. Browse our larger appliances including commercial barbeques, microwaves, grills, ovens and dishwashers as well as electric y food warmers, display machines and professional fryers. No matter what you need, all our catering appliances are selected for their quality, durability and economy.

Excite your customers by bringing out a crepe maker during events allowing your customers to go mad with toppings. Our range of conveyer ovens and food prep machines will help you save time in your busiest periods. Take advantage of everyone’s favourite meal with our range of pizza ovens, perfect for any pizzeria or restaurant allowing guest to have a more authentic Italian experience.

With thousands of fantastic catering appliances available at CATERDEAL, we have guidance and advice available from our catering experts. Check out our Snack Canopy Buying Guide and our Guide to Buying a Commercial Dishwasher to learn more.

Make sure you check out our best selling Mastercold Snack Canopy. The Mastercold Snack Canopies are supplied by a leading Italian manufacturer. The Snack Canopies are unique in the market featuring a built-in fan, speed controller and flush lighting. The canopies come as a complete unit ready to install. You just need connect to ducting and power supply. They are not a kit!

CATERDEAL are totally confident in the Mastercold snack canopy’s performance and reliability. These products are the simplest, best value extraction solution in the UK for light duty applications. Stocked in the UK, the canopies have a standard delivery of 2-3 days with next day delivery available at a modest surcharge. Watch the Mastercold Snack Canopy features & benefits video below: