Cleaning Equipment

After a long busy day working in the hospitality industry, we understand that cleaning can be frustrating and tiring. That’s why our range of cleaning equipment is designed to make cleaning more efficient. Our trolleys and storage aid in transporting cleaning supplies around your establishment with ease. Ensure safety with wet floor signs, keep your hands protected with our range of rubber gloves in a spectrum of colours, and quickly clean a large amount of crockery, utensils and cutlery with our dishwasher baskets and racks.

We offer a range of rotary and vacuum cleaners including the classic ‘Henry’ Hoover as well as pressure washers and steam cleaners allowing you to thoroughly clean your outdoor patio making it inviting for guests all year round.

Of course we offer all the catering equipment essentials too. Dustpan and brushes, cloths, mops, squeegees, mop buckets, wringers, buckets and bowls; we have everything you need for your everyday cleaning tasks. All the essentials are available in the industry suggested colours including blue, green, yellow and red so you can designate certain cleaning equipment to specified areas reducing the risk of cross-contamination. While there is no legislation surrounding the concept, there is a universal colour code recommended for use by the British Institute of Cleaning Science. For more information check out our Guide to Colour Coded Cleaning to help train staff and highlight the dangers of cross-contamination, making everyone safer. Browse our cleaning chemicals if you require chemicals to compliment your equipment.