CATERDEAL supplies the hospitality market with a comprehensive collection of aprons including waist aprons in varying lengths and colours as well as aprons with money pockets, chef waist aprons and bistro aprons. As stylish as they are practical – our urban apron collection can create a unique image at your restaurant. Ideal for student hangouts or trendy bars, these street inspired designs including the antique earth brown bib apron and various wet look aprons, protect the uniform whilst giving a rustic look your staff can wear with pride. Our waterproof and disposable aprons are perfect for back of house use preventing workwear from getting wet or stained in a busy kitchen. Our variety of bib aprons include tuxedo, adjustable neck and burn guards as well as an array of colours and patterns for front and back of house staff. With our huge variety of aprons we are sure you’ll find the perfect fit for any establishment and all your staff here at CATERDEAL.