Kitchenware & Chef Knives

Whether you are a Michelin star chef or a Mary Berry fan, explore CATERDEAL’s wide collection of kitchenware and chef knives to find everything you will ever need to create gastronomical masterpieces. The range includes the smaller items such as chef knives, cookware, utensils, food storage, kitchen signs, cloths, gloves, books, pastry and baking equipment. And the larger equipment such as stainless steel tables, sinks and wash basins as well as catering trolleys, shelving and kitchen storage. A comprehensive array of brands supply our reliable kitchenware and chef knives including Vogue, Hygiplas, Dick, Bourgeat, Rubbermaid, Voctorinox and Matfer to ensure you get quality equipment that will last.

Our range caters for everyone. No matter what size your establishment may be, we offer all the necessities such as baking trays and saucepans as well as the equipment that can make your food stand out from the crowd such as food smoking equipment, oriental accessories, blow torches and heart shaped moulds allowing you to add the perfect finishing touches to your dishes. Our extensive range of pots and pans include pressure cookers, fish kettles, copper, tri wall, casserole and stew pans allowing you to create those signature flavours customers will love.

Our catering experts have developed a number of buying guides as they understand that different people and businesses require unique products. Check out our Knife Buying Guide to learn about the different types of materials, brands, price ranges and uses for the hundreds of knives we have on offer. View our Top 10 Blow Torch Recipes on our blog for inspirational ideas and dishes you can create with a blow torch. With so many options choosing pots and pans can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together the Cookware Buying Guide to help you choose the right features, price and materials for your needs.