Chefs Knives

A chef’s knife is without a doubt their most valuable tool. We offer one of the largest and finest collections of chefs knives in the UK. So whether you are a complete beginner or a head chef, CATERDEAL‘s range of professional knives will ensure you make a strong impression in the kitchen. Our top quality knives available in sets or individually are supplied from prestigious brands such as Victorinox Knives, Dick Knives, Hygiplas Knives, Giesser PrimeLine Knives and Vogue Knives. Able to keep up with you in the kitchen, our knives are reliable, durable and made to the very highest specification ensuring you can create 5* food every time.

From boning knives to bread knives and butchers knives to cheese knives our vast ranging selection offers every knife you need for the job. We also offer knife sharpeners, steels and whetstones to keep your knives in mint condition. Safely and easily transport your knives with our range of wallets and roll bags as well as our range of knife blocks, cases, boxes, sterilising cabinets and magnetic knife holders to protect and safely store your knives.