Food Storage

Browse our extensive collection of food storage essentials which help keep the food and the flavour. CATERDEALoffer commercial catering food containers including everything from large stainless steel and polycarbonate gastronorms to smaller food containers and preservation jars. Many are transparent so you can see what’s inside and we also have airtight storage helping food last longer.

Plastic food storage boxes are ideal for food delivery services whilst our specialist cookware designed to withstand high temperatures is perfect for microwave cooking. Ideal for bakeries and supermarkets, our food storage trays allow you to easily carry and transport freshly baked breads. Our range of ingredient bins help transport large quantities of food and we also offer smaller bins suitable as cereal containers, ideal for hotel breakfasts.

Flour containers are the ultimate solution to storing flour, designed to keep moisture out ensuring flour stays dry so you can bake the finest fresh bread for your guests. We also offer insulated food storage essential when delivering takeaways keeping food steaming hot and your hungry customers happy as well as our insulated beverage dispensers keeping beverages hot or cold for hours. Our cake storage, plate rings and covers offer a great solution to self-service establishments keeping cakes, baked goods and your delicious food protected and fresh.