Pastry & Baking

Our pastry and baking equipment creates more than just cakes and pastries. It creates delicious smells, mouth-watering treats and eye-catching delights. With the right tools such as cake decorating equipment, quality moulds, ramekins, non-stick bakeware in a range of shapes and sizes and an array of exciting pastry cutters, you are all set to bake, decorate and create a huge smile across your customer’s face. Compliment your baking skills with our essential baking equipment such as mixing bowls, sieves, kitchen scales and jugs, rolling pins, baking paper, foils and films as well as cake boxes, pastry and palette knives.

Add the finishing touch to your baked goods with our quality chefs blow torches. Use our cream whipper to make delicious freshly whipped cream quickly and efficiently ideal for topping desserts and drinks in any busy restaurant, café kitchen of coffee shop. From trusted trade brands like Genware and Matfer, you can trust CATERDEAL has all the quality pastry and baking supplies you need.