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Plating Tools
  • Round Tip Chef Tweezers 31cm

    Round Tip Chef Tweezers 31cm

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Eating is an experience for all the senses, and here at CATERDEAL we recognise that the way that you present your food is just as important as the quality and preparation that goes into it. Perfected by renowned brands such as Vogue and Mafter, our food plating tools will enable you to add the perfect finishing touches to your dishes.

Transform your guests eating in your establishment to an ‘experience’ and ensure that your kitchen staff have every opportunity to present your dishes in the most attractive way possible. Featuring silicone brushes, wedges, tongs, garnishing tools, chefs tweezers and plating spoons, we can guarantee that you will be able to transform your dishes into works of art.

So, make your menu look as good as it tastes by purchasing from our plating tools selection today!

To find out more information regarding our plating tools please get in touch with CATERDEAL on 0333 222 5966 or email