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Salad Spinners
  • Genware Stainless Steel Spaghetti Basket 15cm Dia x 16cm

    Genware Stainless Steel Spaghetti Basket 15cm Dia x 16cm

    Approx. 2.9 Litres

    £12.03 ex VAT £14.44 inc VAT
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  • Salad Spinner 20 Litre (Usable Capacity)

    Salad Spinner 20 Litre (Usable Capacity)

    £121.85 ex VAT £146.22 inc VAT
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Our salad spinners enable you to dry and mix up your freshly washed salad, saving you time and minimising waste in the kitchen when preparing meals. Depending on your preference we have a range of both electric and manual salad spinners which have been designed and manufactured by brands such as OXO, Vogue, Genware and Dynamic.

Choosing the Perfect Salad Spinner

The salad spinner by OXO is a simple mechanism. Characterised by its one-handed pump mechanism and non-slip base it makes the perfect mechanism for spinning your salad either in the commercial or domestic kitchen.

If you are looking for heavy scale salad spinning, Dynamics Jumbo Salad Spinners comes in either 10-litre or 20-litre capacity. Designed with robust handles and gears to quickly spin heads of lettuce in seconds, these salad spinners ensure the optimum lifeline for your salad leaves.

How to Use your Salad Spinner

  1. Chop, slice or tear your salad leaves.
  2. Take out the spinner’s strainer basket and place your green inside. Do not overfill.
  3. Run clean water throughout the strainer basket to wash the leaves.
  4. Put the strainer basket back into the spinner. Ensure that the lid is secure.
  5. Activate the spinner. Run for 20 seconds for the complete removal of moisture.
  6. Transfer your greens to the salad bowl or store in the refrigerator!
  7. Happy customers!

Ensure quick and efficient service and prevent mess by purchasing from our salad spinner range.

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