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  • Genware Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors 8in

    Genware Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors 8in

    Length 20.3cm

    £2.00 ex VAT £2.40 inc VAT
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  • Giesser Universal Scissors 8.5in

    Giesser Universal Scissors 8.5in

    Length 21.6cm

    £20.62 ex VAT £24.74 inc VAT
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When it comes to the right pair of scissors, you cannot cut corners. Here at CATERDEAL, we offer a fantastic range of high quality, greatly priced scissors to suit you and your establishment’s needs. This includes basics such as poultry scissors and kitchen scissors alongside various other chef scissors.

Acting as a useful multi purpose tool for both inside the kitchen and out, the kitchen scissors are ideal for a range of environments. Whether it is a bottle opener, jar opener or a screwdriver that you require, Vogue’s kitchen scissors feature it all. If you are keen on simplicity then you may opt for the kitchen scissors by well-renowned names such as Dick and Victorinox.

The poultry scissors which have been mastered by brands such as Vogue and OXO are characterised by their sharp, stainless steel blades. The curved and tapered style of the scissors enables you to get into those hard to reach places that other scissors cannot.

If you want to perfect the catch of the day, then our fish scissors are great for doing just that. Easy to clean, hygienic and effortless, it doesn’t matter whether you need to cut the scales or fins off fish or just cut a fillet of salmon, these fish scissors are a powerful ally when cutting your fish.

If you now need the right set of knives to accompany your scissors, please click here to shop our chef knives collection. Check out our Infographic Guide to Colour Coded Kitchen Equipment to learn about avoiding cross-contamination in your kitchen.

To find out more please get in touch with the friendly CATERDEAL team on 0333 222 5966 or email