Refrigeration & Ice Machines

Whether you are after display refrigeration to store your fine wines, ice makers to whip-up quality cocktails, fridges and freezers to store your fresh food or blast chillers for your fast-paced peak periods, we have a huge selection of refrigeration and ice machines that can cater to all your needs.

Featuring respected brands such as Foster, Polar, Williams, Gram, Lincat, LEC and Hoshizaki, we can promise good quality commercial equipment for your business.

Whether you’re cooking for school children, restaurant connoisseurs or hotel guests, reliable and efficient refrigeration is one of the most fundamental features in any catering business. Our ice machines can produce ice rapidly in a variety of shapes and sizes. So whether your customers want a scotch on the rocks or a mojito teeming with crushed ice, we have the equipment that will provide hygienic and quality ice from energy efficient machines keeping you and you customers happy.

Check out our expert information in our Commercial Fridge Buying Guide to ensure you are buying a fridge that will meet all your requirements. With many different types, uses and sizes choosing the right freezer can be challenging. Check out our Commercial Freezer Buying Guide for further assistance on our selection of freezers.