Fridges are one of the most fundamental appliances in any catering business. They are important to keep within food hygiene legislation and ensure your fresh produce will last longer. We offer a vast selection of fridges with a wide range of capacities ensuring you have enough space for your stock as well as being energy efficient and reliable.

Explore our collection of commercial refrigeration ranging from smaller under counter fridges to walk-in cold rooms. Our restaurant refrigerators are designed to fit your space and how you cook or serve. You’ll find both integrated and free standing options including models with high A energy efficiency ratings.

Whether you’re cooking for school children, restaurant connoisseurs or hotel guests, reliable and efficient refrigeration is one of the most fundamental features in any catering business. We also offer meat fridges to keep meat fresh. We even supply reliable medical fridges to provide a safe environment for medicines and pharmaceuticals. The range features efficient and reliable refrigeration from some of the most recognisable names in professional catering refrigeration including, Foster Refrigeration, Interlevin, Tefcold, Polar, Williams, Gram and LEC.