Cocktail Accessories

Reinvent your establishment with our impressive selection of cocktail accessories. Offering you top industry brands like Bonzer and Genware, our cocktail accessories range caters for all your cocktail making needs with cocktail sets, shakers, straws, utensils and liquid pourers.

Our cocktail accessories cater for all levels of experience. If you are looking for aiming to become a cocktail connoisseur then you don’t have to look further than our stylish Cocktail Bar Kits, which range from copper to stainless steel material.

The cocktail shakers that we supply have been specially designed by professional mixologists, ensuring that you can deliver the best cocktails every step of the way. In fact, Bonzer’s 3 piece stainless steel Manhattan Cocktail Shaker is guaranteed to be a fiery addition to your establishment, with its four drink capacity and built in strainer, it will definitely enable you to create the best cocktails in town!

To keep your bar side looking tidy the bar caddy is the perfect solution. Whilst it does what It says on the tin, the bar caddy will ensure that you can keep all of your straws, napkins and cocktail sticks in one place. If you can’t find the bar caddy you want here, check out our range of condiment holders, usually for restaurant tables, but will bring a unique feel to the bar!

Provided in a range of materials, our cocktail utensils are here to serve your needs. If you require a bar spoon, muddler, strainer or squeezer then look no further. Offered in a variety of materials such as wood, copper and steel, our range of cocktail utensils provide you with plenty of choice.

To store your liquids you may consider purchasing one of our spirit and juice pourers. The fast and accurate pouring means that they are great for use in busy bars as they will speed up the service that you deliver whilst maintaining the high-quality product that customers expect. They are an essential bar accessory within many establishments and we know that they will be an asset to yours.

If you want to give your cocktails the respect they deserve,  look no further than CATERDEAL! Check our range of unique cocktail glasses too.

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