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Brandy Glasses
  • Brandy Glass 39cl / 13.5oz

    Brandy Glass 39cl / 13.5oz

    H123 x W62mm – Pack of 6

    £7.86 ex VAT £9.43 inc VAT
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  • Cognac Glass 650ml

    Cognac Glass 650ml

    Pack of 6

    £8.32 ex VAT £9.98 inc VAT
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  • Gusto Brandy Glass 40cl/14oz

    Gusto Brandy Glass 40cl/14oz

    Pack of 6

    £12.36 ex VAT £14.83 inc VAT
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CATERDEAL features a range of brandy glasses and brandy snifters specifically chosen to release the flavours and aromas of your selected tipple.

Our brandy glasses come in a range of sizes, prices and designs; meaning we can guarantee you the best choice and selection.

Designed with increased strength and durability, our short-stemmed brandy snifters, such as the Gusto Brandy Glass and the Cognac Glass not only come in a range of sizes but they also possess the brandy enhancing characteristics that you expect when purchasing a brandy glass. Each glass has been carefully fabricated with an elegantly round bottom, allowing comfortable cupping whilst the liquor warms and the liquid evaporates. Meanwhile, the narrow top effectively traps the aroma and you are left to enjoy the full quality of the brandy.

For the ultimate brandy enthusiasts, hotel guests or restaurant connoisseurs, whatever your event may be, we can assure that our brandy glasses will impress.

To find out more please contact the friendly CATERDEAL team on 0333 222 5966 or email