Jugs & Carafes

Featuring a diverse range of water jugs & carafes, CATERDEAL understands the need to keep your water safe and clean within reliable containers.

Our range of jugs and carafes consists of Glass Carafes, Glass Jugs, Polycarbonate Jugs and Stainless Steel Water Jugs.

Within our glass carafe selection, we offer a range of jug designs and sizes that can be used for multiple events and occasions. Appropriate for a wide array of drinks including, soft drinks, water and wine, these water containers act with extreme versatility.

The variety of glass jugs that we have on offer provides a delightful alternative to storing water. With a longer cooling time to store your water and beverages, these stain free and easy clean glass jugs are perfect for any establishment.

Our Polycarbonate and Polypropylene Pitchers are ideal for refreshments on both a hot summers’ day and even when your customers are sheltering from the rain. The wide range of colours and sizes enables you to store your beverages safely in style, whilst their increased durability will put your mind at ease.

Our Stainless Steel Water Jugs are stylish alternatives to the traditional glassware which is often used for the presentation of beverages. While maintaining the ultimate durability, the Stainless Steel Water Jugs bring a whole new meaning to both cocktails and drinks.

Great for the table and even for the bar, our range of jugs and carafes are a must have for any bar, restaurant or hotel.

For more details please contact the friendly CATERDEAL team on 0333 222 5966 or email deals@caterdeal.co.uk.