Genware Cutlery

Caring for your Genware Commercial Cutlery

In order to provide the greatest possible value at each and every price level within the Genware cutlery ranges, we put a great focus on the quality of the ‘out of the box’ polishing levels, as this is key to allow the user to maintain a high quality finish, free from marking, staining and corrosion.

We recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines for wash temperature, rinse cycle and detergent dosage. Assess water hardness and make sure water softeners are used if required. Wash before using for the first time and ensure items are washed promptly after each use.

Our stainless steel cutlery is dishwasher safe and should not be left to soak prior to dishwashing.

We recommend that immediately, or as soon as possible after use, Genware cutlery should be washed to remove excess foodstuffs as they contain salts, acids and fats which may cause corrosion.

Cutlery should not be cleaned with abrasive cleaning articles or detergents as this may scratch, damage or stain the surface of the product.

Cutlery should be washed in specially made cutlery baskets, which should not be over-filled so as not to impede the flow of water and reduce the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Once cleaned, the product should be dried immediately or removed from the dishwasher to avoid prolonged contact with water or moisture which can cause corrosion or rusting.