Service Trays

The right serving trays can help add a touch of quality to your catering establishment, complementing the food and drinks you serve. We offer a wide selection of serving trays to suit a variety of settings, from champagne receptions to table service and buffets.

At CATERDEAL, our serving trays are available in a range of materials and finishes, including elegant mirrored serving trays, classic wooden serving trays and colourful plastic catering trays. Our range includes non-slip trays, which are ideal for serving drinks, as well as trays with handles for delivering room service.

We offer serving trays from high quality brands such as Olympia, Kristallon, APS, Genware and Cambro, at the best possible prices. Whether carrying beer on a busy Saturday night, or serving cafeteria lunches on Monday lunchtime, our wide selection of serving trays are the ideal solution for schools, restaurants, pubs and cafes that want to prevent spillages.