Bowls & Bread Baskets

Bowls & bread baskets are more than just the practical items we use to hold our bread and fruit. Here at CATERDEAL, we believe that the right bowls and baskets enable you to set the style and give your own personal touch to an establishment. Whether you require a bowl and/or basket for your counter display, buffet display or tabletops, we have a range of bowls and baskets which have been specially designed by brands such as Genware, APS and Olympia to help tickle your customers’ taste buds.

Enabling you to display your bread throughout your establishment are the canvas bread bags. Available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, these bread bags are great for simply adding a bit of rustic charm to any cafe or restaurant. Our poly wicker baskets are fantastic for presenting bread, croissants and other breakfast related items. The poly wicker baskets possess traditional features and have been carefully selected to possess highly modern standards of hygiene and durability.

Carefully designed to withstand a range of food items, our stainless steel wire baskets are fantastic for displaying both fruits and bread.

If it is a natural look that you are looking for then our range of wooden bowls and baskets provide just that. Whilst the larger bowls can be used for large events and buffets, the smaller bowls are great for small dishes and starters.

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