Cruets & Condiments

Our large array of cruets & condiments will suit you and your customer’s needs at the dinner table. With condiment holders, oil and vinegar cruets, salt and pepper cruets, sauce bottles and tops, tabletop bins and wooden salt and pepper mills, provided by brands such as Genware and Olympia, you will have no trouble accessorising your table.

Provided in a range of sizes and materials, our condiment holders are great for organising your condiments. Ideal for restaurants and cafes, the condiment holders have been specially selected to suit an array of style preferences.  Whilst the wire condiment holders may be more suited for a more contemporary look, the wooden condiment holders are great for bringing a traditional fell to the table.

The plastic, glass and stainless steel oil and vinegar cruets are perfect for holding oil and vinegar in one container. The olive oil bottles are ideal for Italian restaurants. Vinegar bottles offer everyone’s favourite fish and chip condiment. Whether you’re a British or Italian restaurant, our range of oil pourers and vinegar bottles come in a range of styles to suit your needs.

The salt and pepper cruets will make an invaluable contribution to your establishment. Designed in a range of shapes, sizes and styles, with clear or coloured bodies, the easy to grip salt and pepper grinders are both practical and stylish. Available in a variety of sizes, the wooden salt and pepper grinders are timeless additions to any restaurant. Featuring precision grind mechanism, and finely produced wood, these grinders are practical as well as stylish.

If you want to establish your own personal touch, then our selection of sauce bottles & pots are great for doing just that. By purchasing Vogue’s flexible, red and brown squeezy bottles, you can be assured that your customers will be able to identify between sauces. If you are looking to display your sauces in style, we also supply a variety of beautiful ramekins and sauce boats. Our ramekins come in a huge variety of colours from sophisticated copper ramekins to bright summer yellow ramekins. We feature unique ramekins made from bamboo, wood, plastic and metal.

Offering convenience in a tiny package are the tabletop bins. With an easy lift to empty the contents, these bins can be used with or without a bin liner.

For more information regarding our cruet and condiment products please get in touch with CATERDEAL on 0333 222 5966 or email