What is Induction Cooking?

What is Induction Cooking?

What is Induction Cooking?

An induction plate consists of an electronic generator that transforms the mains frequency into a high frequency and an induction coil that creates a magnetic field under the glass when a container whose base is made from a ferromagnetic material is present.

The magnetic waves produced release heat directly to the base of the container. In the absence of this ferromagnetic material, the phenomenon does not happen and the machine stops automatically.

The glass plate serves solely as a support for the container and only gets warm.

Advantages of Induction

Induction Cooking is Safer

They don’t burn. Since heat is created in the pan itself, the induction plates don’t get that hot. No flame means no grease fires, and no gas means no gas leaks. Also, thanks to it detector function, the plate automatically detects the presence of pans with ferromagnetic bases, instantly switching the equipment on or off. This makes it a lot more difficult to burn yourself as you pour your sautéed vegetables onto a serving plate. It makes it easier to get those vegetables just right, too...

Induction Offers Greater Precision Cooking

Induction allows you to turn the power and heat up and down instantly. Induction cooktops are as responsive as gas to a turn of the dial, and they've got another thing going for them, too: more settings. Some induction hobs have up to 20 settings for setting the exact desired temperature.

Control to rival gas cooking means induction makes cooking delicate sauces or just keeping food warm a lot easier than with other cooking technologies.

Induction is the Fastest Cooking System

One of the biggest selling points of the induction cookers is speed. Induction is the fastest cooking system because it only heats the pan, allowing for faster heating. It simply takes less time to cook food because the pan heats up quicker. That's because while both gas and electric hobs use a middleman to transfer heat to the pan -- flames and an electric burner, respectively -- an induction cooktop generates heat directly in the pan.

Electromagnetic activity in the cooktop triggers electromagnetic activity in the pan, and the pan itself heats up. Since there are fewer steps involved in heating the cookware, it takes less time for the heat to get to the food -- 25%-50% less time, on average.

Induction Hobs Save you Money

Consumption is lower than that of other methods, as heat is directly transmitted to the pan. No time or energy is wasted in preheating as heat is transmitted directly to the pans.

Induction plates automatically provide the required energy according to the shape and size of the container.

Induction Cooking is Energy Efficient

The speed and low heat required means that it is a more energy efficient cooking method. Induction is over 80% efficiency whereas other technologies rate around 50%. In contrast, a gas flame is going to release lots of heat around the pan, and an electric burner emits radiant heat at any point, even where it is not in direct, firm contact with the pan.

When heat is generated within the pan itself, as with induction, more of that heat gets into the food, and less of it warms up your kitchen.

The obvious benefits of energy efficient cooking include reduced energy consumption, meaning lower bills and a healthier environment. Your chefs will be happier too since induction won’t heat your kitchen as much as other technologies.

Induction is Easier to Clean

Quicker cooking, money saved and high precision is great, but cooking that’s easier to clean up is, we dare say, greater. Cleaning is easier as the glass doesn’t get very hot, which avoids sticking and burning of spilt liquids and foodstuff.

Under normal conditions of use, a spray, spit or spill only calls for a wipe with a damp cloth.

Should I Buy Induction for my Commercial Kitchen?

If you want to get dinner to your guests quicker, with more precision, keep chefs safer, save money on your bills and time cleaning up, induction is 100% the best type of cooking for you. But even with all these benefits, some may not be able to overcome the price issue. They’re still more expensive than gas and electric and you will also need to factor in new cookware since your current pots and pans may not have the magnetism required to work with an induction cooktop. However, inductions increasing popularity is really starting to reduce prices.

Induction should always be at the top of you “look into” list since it’s getting massively more and more popular among top chefs.


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